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Connecting 2D and 3D Worlds

Deliver accurate inspection reports.

Celestial utilises computer vision techniques to accurately synchronise 2D photos and videos to the 3D point cloud.

Move your cursor anywhere on a video or a photo to find its corresponding position on a 3D point cloud and vice versa.

Point Cloud Viewer

3D move over. 4D is here.

Capturing data over time, Celestial allows you to perform comparative analysis of your data.

Click on photo, video, or point cloud, and Celestial will decide the best matching photos and videos to aid in analysis.

Three D

Automated Localisation

Make sense of your photos and videos

Sometimes it is difficult to tell from a close up inspection photo or video what part of a structure you are looking at. Scenarios such a below-deck inspections, bridge inspections, and transmission tower inspections provide multiple photos that look the same.

HyBirds's Celestial platform will make sense and localise defects and points of interest from video frames and photos taken over a 3d point cloud, even in GPS denied environments.

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