Celestial Live

Both Shield (UAV) and Hector (UGV) utilise Celestial Live

LIDAR is the New Camera

Utilising state-of-the-art LIDAR systems used on driverless cars to provide unprecedented views, enhancing both data capture and autonomous operations.

No matter the weather, in the dark or the light, our LIDAR payload will provide you with a clear view of your surroundings, allowing you to get closer to assets safely.

Point Cloud Viewer

Our spinning LIDAR payload will still provide you with an enhanced view. With the rotating system a restricted front view is provided. Our collision avoidance features will still cover 360° around the vehicle.

Point Cloud Viewer

Full 360° Collision Avoidance

With full coverage around our vehicles, we can traverse in any direction while focusing on data capture.

Our system is directly connected to our embedded system and flight controller on-board; if the vehicle gets too close to an obstacle it will stop moving in that direction.

Live Points Viewer

Always Connected

Celestial live works on any platform, including Surface Pro, iOS devices, and Android.

Real Time Streaming

In Realtime. Live.

Verify the data you have captured before even landing.

With a powerful GPU accelerated system on-board, we can compute and analyse data in real-time. This is necessary to confirm that all the data has been captured.

Real Time Streaming